A new look for Mousehole and Helford

Throughout the busy summer period the refurb team were still working away quietly, and have now finished another two of the one bed units. Helford and Mousehole are completely renovated and have been given the same great look as Mawnan. Although each unit has the same level of finish they still maintain some of their originality with different decor elements and colours in each.



I’m sure you’ll agree they are looking fab. Next up we’re working on Coverack & Manacles, and will be starting work on Kerensa later this year!

Site and garden updates

We’ve been busy upgrading many areas throughout the whole site during the quiet season, making sure it looks a beautiful as possible for you all over summer. 

So far we’ve made improvements to the car park, play area, central courtyard and nature area behind the one bed properties.  I’m sure you’ll agree that the whole site is looking much tidier, and we will continue to make improvements throughout the year.

First round of renovations completed!

The first round of renovations here are now complete, and the site is looking fab. There have been improvements to much of the grounds as well as 4 of the properties being completely renovated. The 3 bedroom Pendeen was the first completion, and has been finished to a really high standard.

You can book Pendeen HERE

Next we have 1 bedroom Mawnan and 2 bedroom St Keverne

Check availability for Mawnan HERE, and St Keverne HERE.

Finally a couple of shots of the 2 bedroom Penpoll, and some pictures of the site renovations as well. We’ve been focussing heavily on keeping the gardens looking tidy and beautiful, have re-laid the path behind the office with fresh gravel, and have moved the pond that was to the front of Penpoll, giving us a much tidier access to the pool area.

Check availability for Penpoll HERE.

As I’m sure you’ll agree the site is coming along really well, and looks even better in the glorious sunshine we’ve been getting, and we’ve just had our second communal hot tub delivered! Our next update should include some pictures of the next finished property, Budock, and some more site updates!